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    Social Media Optimization Services (SMO) is an important element of Internet Marketing.

    The media scene is changing rapidly due to the digital revolution. The ‘old media’ of press, magazines and TV are all being affected by the advent of digital media & in particular the new Social media. Internet marketing has become very important for all companies.

    Advertisers need to take advantage of these Social Media opportunities with SMO campaigns aimed at harnessing the Twitter/Facebook audiences.

    SMO  works by using the mechanisms of the online social networks to promote specific landing pages of the advertisers website. Such SMO activities  compliments Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

    SMO campaigns work on a viral basis mirroring the ‘word of mouth’ workings of the online social networks.

    SMO techniques include the use of social bookmarking  sites, blogging to reinforce keywords, submissions to relevant forums, keyword orientated content writing and profile ‘seeding’.

    Social Media Optimization campaigns require many hundreds of man-hours to cover the myriad of labour intensive tasks needed to deliver a successful result. Much of this labour intensive work is outsourced to Indian SMO specialists to ensure maximum impact for the client’s digital budget.



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