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    Pay per click or PPC is the most accountable advertising medium. In a recession, inefficient media should be culled to maximise sales leads or enquiries.


    However, before we go further, brilliant PPC endeavours would come to nought unless backed up with excellent ecommerce web site design.

    Pay per click or PPC works on a bidding mechanism for keywords based on cost per click. The higher the bids the higher the listing. PPC means that your company can be on the FIRST page of Google Search Page for your ‘keywords’. It is an intergral part of Internet marketing.

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    Pay Per Click (PPC) has become the No.1 direct response medium so a PPC campaign will rapidly increase your online sales. Returns on Investment (ROI) can be quickly established allowing for intermedia comparisons to be made.

    There are three providers of Pay per click or PPC services with Google Adwords (or Sponsored links) being the market leader followed by Yahoo Search Marketing & MSN adcenter.
    Your potential customers will ‘search‘ the net by entering keywords or keyphrases relevant to your business. Your PPC ads appear on same search results page. Try a search in Google and you will see the sponsored Pay per click ads listed on the top of the search results and on the right hand side.

    This Pay per click process ensures that your ad is placed right in front of your potential customers.
    PPC is the most important, the most powerful, the most accountable and the most efficient of all advertising media leaving the old media of TV, radio & press trailing in its wake.
    Pay per click campaigns looks simple but they are not. There are many pitfalls for the inexperienced. Constant anti click fraud monitoring is vital to ensure that all your Pay per clicks are valid.

    Skilled PPC practitioners deliver optimum value but it needs labour intensive monitoring & vigilance.


    The Pay Per Click business made its debut in 2001. Ever since then our PPC specialists have been working on PPC campaigns for hundreds of clients.

    Experience counts in PPC !





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