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    Dublin Hypnotherapy Treatment

    Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to treat many ailments & conditions.

    Many Dublin sports people have improved their sporting ability via hypnotherapy treatment. Tennis players have overcome their match play fears through hypnosis enabling them to reproduce their practice form when needed.

    Giving up smoking is the un-realised aim of thousands of people! The ones that have achieved their goal have achieved this through Hypnotherapy Treatment.

    Phobias & fears are another source of stress which can be eliminated with this type of treatment. Dublin traffic has many people very stressed!

    Controlling one’s weight is a problem for most people. Again hypnotherapy has proved a great help for this universal problem. The many Dublin fast food outlets are a great temptation. Excessive over weight is a very serious condition can cause major medical problems & reduce life expectancy. Definitely something to be addressed.

    Hypnotherapy has become accepted throughout the medical world helping individuals resolve problems without the use of drugs. The treatment is a very tranquil process that soothes away stresses in a very natural way.


    National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH ) Certification is the optimum standard for Hypnotherapy Practitioners. The NGH is a not-for-profit worldwide professional organization responsible for The Journal of Hypnotism, the very first publications devoted exclusively to the field of hypnotism.

    Contact us for hypnotherapy treatment in Dublin or advice on hypnotherapy training courses.




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