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    Home/ Dublin Writers / Complete Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan


    Complete Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan


    Before the Act of Union in 1800, the North side of Dublin was the most fashionable part of Dublin. So when was Richard Brinsley Sheridan born in 1751 in Dorset St he was in a most privileged & affluent area. Not something that Dorset St can claim today!

    Sheridan attended the English Grammar School in Dublin which set this budding playwright on the road to literary & social fame. Play writing was in his blood. His mother Frances was playwright & his father Thomas was an actor manager. So, it is not really surprising that Richard Brinsley Sheridan became one of the most famous Playwrights in both Ireland & England.

    When Richard was 7 years old, his family moved permanently to England & Richard Brinsley resumed his education at Harrow, one of England's most privileged public schools. Four years after leaving school Sheridan had a narrow escape. Duelling was very 'fashionable' in those days & Sheridan took umbrage at a slight to his bride to be. He won . As his plays are still performed regularly to this day , we must give thanks that this brilliant playwright survived!

    The complete list of Sheridan's Plays is as follows:

    The Rivals
    A Trip to Scarborough
    The School for Scandal
    The Camp
    The Critic

    He also wrote an Opera (The Duenna) & various poems.


    The Rivals & The School for Scandal were wildly successful & both plays are regularly performed to this day. The latter is considered one of the greatest English Comedies.

    This success enabled him to purchase a part share in the Drury Lane Theatre. Later on he bought out the other shareholders, including the famous Shakespearean Actor David Garrick, becoming sole owner of this famous Theatre.

    Some 16 years after he acquired the full ownership of the Drury Lane Theatre in London's Covent Garden, the Theatre burnt down. A wit to the end he remarked, as he stood drinking a glass of wine & watching his treasured Theatre burning...

    'A man may surely be allowed to take a glass of wine by his own fireside.'



    In 1780, soon after taking over the Drury he was elected to Parliament where his wit & eloquence did not go un-noticed. Sheridan earned fortunes & spent fortunes & sadly died in poverty in 1815. His burial in Poet's Corner Westminister Abbey has attended by the Great & Good - Aristocracy & Everyone that was Anyone in the World of Theatre. A true Genius!

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