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    The Tudor Queen Elizabeth I in 1592 founded Trinity College Dublin as a place of learning for Protestants. It was not until 1873 that Trinity College Dublin removed all restrictions on the entry of Catholics. Accordingly, the University was viewed with great suspicion by the Catholic Church. From the formation of the Irish Free State in 1922 the Roman Catholic Church has had a powerful influence over all aspects of Irish life so you will appreciate the un-usual
    situation that Trinity College Dublin found itself in!

    In addition, Trinity College Dublin was a male bastion of privilege until 1904 so it had adveraries wherever you looked.

    Trinity College, Ireland's leading & oldest university, was originally established on the site of the dissolved Augustinian monastery of All Hallows. Henry VIII, Elizabeth's father had ordered the Dissolution of the Monasteries from 1536 onwards.


    Trinity College is located in the heart of Dublin on College Green, opposite the former Irish Houses of Parliament which is now used by the Bank of Ireland.

    Ireland has become famous as the land of Poets & Scholars. Trinity College Dublin has nurtured such creativity over the years with Famous Trinity College Alumni such as the playwrights Oscar Wilde(The Importance of being Ernest) & Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot) & the Writer Jonathan Swift(Gulliver's Travels).

    Trinity College's Old Library hosts the Book of Kells (A gospel manuscript from 8oo AD) exhibition, one of Dublin's top tourist attractions.


    Walking on the cobbled stones of Trinity College bring visitors back to the 1700s when this magnificent building was constructed. Come & visit & wonder!









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