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    Dublin Writers Museum Dublin




    Ireland is the land of Poets & Scholars.


    This is demonstrated by the 4 Irish winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature – more than any other country.

    The Nobel Prize winners are

    William Butler Yeats 1923
    George Bernard Shaw 1925
    Samuel Beckett 19689
    Seamus Heaney 1995


    Dublin is thus famous as a city of writers. The Dublin Writers Museum features the work of these  important Nobel Prizefor Lierature winners as well as many other writers who have contributed to Dublin's literary heritage.

    For anyone, even remotely interested in literature a visit to the Dublin Writers Museum will be most rewarding.

    At the Writers Museum, Dublin’s literary celebrities from the past three hundred years are brought to life through their books, letters, portraits and personal items.
    Find out interesting snippets such as Oscar Wilde prowess as a boxer at Trinity College or Samuel Beckett’s flair for cricket.
    Last, but not least, the Dublin Writers Museum  is a restored Georgian mansion on Parnell Square with  stunning plasterwork ...well worth a visit.


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