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    Bloomsday Dublin



    Bloomsday is celebrated on June 16th every year in Dublin.   Bloomsday commemorates the work of the Irish author James Joyce and is called after the main character in his most famous work – Leopold Bloom of Ulysses fame.

    Bloomsday takes the format of Joyce fans dressed in Edwardian costume to conjure up the atmosphere of the period in which Ulysses was set – 1904. To understand  Bloomsday you need to know that it follows the trials and tribulations of one entire day in the life of Leopold Bloom in Ulysses - Bloomsday June 16th.

    Fans follow the route around Dublin taken by Bloom and usually have a breakfast of sausages, beans, black and white pudding and toast at some stage along the way.   Davy Byrne’s Pub usually figures in everyone’s Bloomsday celebration at some stage of the day.

    Bloomsday readings and dramastisations from the novel take place at various stages by costumed performers, as well as traditional Irish music and merriment. Much of the Bloomsday celebrations are hosted by the James Joyce Centre in North Great Georges St Dublin.

    Interestingly, the copyright for Joyce’s work expires at the end of 2011 so the celebration of Bloomsday 2012 will figure very large indeed.

    Plans are already in train for Bloomsday 2012 to re-enact parts of Bloom’s journey with spontaneous performances of his work across the city.   These Bloomsday 2012 performances will feature on Twitter and Facebook encouraging the public to join in to make Bloomsday 2012 one of the best ever.

    Bloomsday 2012 is important because tight control has been kept of many of the Joyce masterpieces during the copyright period so fans are determined to celebrate this freedom to perform some of Joyce’s work, which until Bloomsday 2012 will not have been granted permission for a performance.







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