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    HOME / DUBLIN BUSINESS SERVICES / Hypnotherapy Training in Dublin




    Hypnotherapy training courses are now available in Dublin with Hypnosis Training Ireland, Bodywatch Ltd.

    Many conditions can be successfully treated with hypnotherapy.
    Hypnotherapy training courses allows you to offer people the following benefits:
    Stop smoking
    Losing weight
    Elimination of phobias
    Stress relief
    Elimination of fear
    Enhancing Sporting performances


    In these days of recession, people often need to consider new careers. This Dublin Hypnotherapy training course offers people re-training for a most worthwhile career in hypnotherapy.


    You will be entitled to use the letters C.H. (Certified Hypnotist) after your name once you have successfully completed the course. The Hypnotherapy training course in Dublin teaches how hypnosis can help resolve personal problem. Helping people to stop smoking in one hour is a wonderful service to able to offer people. Not only does it extend their lives, it also saves them a fortune! Obesity is now a major health issue so acquiring the necessary hypnotherapy training certification to treat this serious problem would be a sound career move. Such course are now available in Dublin.

    Hypnotherapy training courses teaches you to reduce the stress that Dubliners experience in traffic jams & crowded city areas.


    Many people have irrational fears and this Dublin hypnotherapy training course will enable you to help eliminate these phobias and to lose weight.

    You will also receive business training on record keeping & professional advertising . This will help you to set up your own successful hypnotherapy practice.


    The Hypnotherapy tuition in Dublin involves a minimum of 100 hours of tuition. This includes classroom instruction, supervised clinical Hypnotherapy practice, homework assignments & practice sessions.( 75 hours of face-to-face classroom and 25 hours of reading assignments, written homework, practice of all the inductions and techniques learned in class, watching videos, listening to CD's and creating a preliminary business plan.)


    The Dublin Hypnotherapy Students are also required to submit work as part of the course. You will participate in an eclectic training schedule with similar individuals.


    The Hypnotherapy training course content includes demonstrations of hypnosis, lectures, Q & A and supervised hands-on practice and demonstration of techniques. You will be given direct experience and the opportunity to apply the Hypnotherapy theory behind the practice of hypnosis.


    Students will be able to work in pairs to put the Hypnotherapy techniques into practice and benefit from instructor feedback.


    NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) : Certified Hypnotists have a variety of options on completion of their Dublin Hypnotherapy training.


    Graduates can operate their own private practices or work with other health professionals using their recently acquired Hypnotherapy skills.

    On successful completion of this Hypnotherapy training, your NGH Certification will be presented along with your National Guild of Hypnosis membership. Your membership status means that you have an opportunity to join the NGH, the largest and most established hypnosis organization in the world.


    Contact NGH Hypnosis Training with Bodywatch Ltd, Ireland for all the information you need






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